Our Machines

Boman Technologies specializes in machining standard and exotic metal parts and assemblies using state-of-the-art CNC turning, milling, and 5-axis centers. Years of experience provide expert knowledge of metal characteristics and how material groups react when machined. Tool selection, cutting pass depths, mill/lathe feed and speed, chip control, and high-pressure coolant are critical in controlling heat generation, which can cause part movement and tool deflection during the machining process. This level of skill ensures world-class precision machining that meets or exceeds the most demanding tolerances.

New Age

  • 2020 VMC Mazak VCU400 HSK-63 high accuracy spindle 3 Axis. 20X-16Y-16Z 12000 RPM 25Hp Mitsubishi 780 control 0.0002 Volumetric accuracy
  • 2020 Wire EDM Mitsubishi 1200s, 12 RMA finish circuit. 16X-12Y-9Z Mitsubishi 800 control. 0.00001 accuracy
  • 2019 Grinder Acer 1020SGD 3 axis automatic
  • 2019 Swiss Citizen 20mm 11 axis 20LXi VDT (VDT for difficult-to-machine materials)
  • 2014 Turn-Mill 6-axis Miyano LZ-R2Y2 8” Chuck Fanuc 18T, 6-axis 6000 rpm Robotic Load/Unload
  • 2013 Turn-Mill 5-axis Miyano LZ-R2 8” Chuck Fanuc 18T, 5 Axis 6000 rpm Robotic Load/Unload
  • 2013 Turn-Mill 5-axis Miyano LZ-R1 Fanuc 6” Chuck OiT, 5 Axis 8000 rpm Robotic Load/Unload
  • 2005 Swiss 32mm Citizen 9 axis Lathe Mitsubishi 760 control Multiple Bar Loader
  • 2003 Swiss 20mm Swiss 10 axis lathe 20LVII Mitsubishi 740 control Multiple Bar Loader

Old Guard

  • 1997 VMC Hardinge 700 4 axis Mill Fanuc 18M control (0.001 deg 4th axis)
  • 1998 Mill Turn, Super Precision HardingeT42SP 5 axis Lathe and bar feeder 0.00001 accuracy (ret)
  • 1997 Lathe, Super Precision Hardinge GT27SP 27mm 27mm lathe 0.00001 accuracy
  • 1996 Lathe, Super Precision Hardinge GT27SP 27mm Super Precision lathe, bar feeder 0.00001 accuracy